Who is VintCo?

VintCo helps you keep the ride going and get back on track. When we started in the motorcycle industry nearly 30 years ago, our focus was exclusively on the vintage market, making connecting rods for Ossa and Bultaco motorcycles. We quickly expanded into manufacturing rods, crankshafts, camshafts, bearing kits, cylinders and pistons for all modern dirt bikes.

Now with years of engineering and practical design experience in extremely high-horsepower modern engines, we are leveraging that expertise in manufacturing components for the vintage market. Our headquarters is in Indianola, Iowa, where we ride and test motorcycles as often as we can.

VintCo makes a wide range of new, high-quality components to help with a full restoration or just maintenance for your vintage machine. We will keep adding more high-quality, hard to find parts, so you can get back on track and keep the ride going.

Thank you,

Curtis Leaverton & Evelina Chen